About Me

Jeff Rice

Jeff is the creator of Coach YourADHDBrain.com.  He is an author, executive ADHD coach, fitness coach, and entrepreneur with a diverse background in business. He has founded three successful businesses, and consulted with many Fortune 500 companies in the Northeast United States.

He is also an ADHD adult himself. So when it comes to the struggles of other ADHD adults, he gets it!

Jeff was trained in ADHD coaching by Shanna Pearson, founder of Expert ADHD Coaching adhdcoaching.com (the only other ADHD coaching company he feels confident in referring people to).

Jeff is also a CrossFit L2 trainer and has been helping people improve their physical and mental health for over 13 years by focusing on exercise and nutrition.

Jeff is the proud father to three sons, is a "dog dad" to three wonderful northern breed dogs, and in his spare time, he is a passionate woodworker. He and his wife Laura own a successful Crossfit Gym.